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Module 4: CORC Stages

This module explains the various stages in CORC that the hospital data submitters interact with and the purpose of each Stage. The primary difference is most apparent on the My Data TAB, specifically on the Submit My Data page.

It is essential that you complete this module before continuing with the rest of the training.

This module contains four topics (listed to the left).

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you should understand:
  1. The Three CORC Stages you will be working with as a data submitter
  2. What the other two CORC Stages you don't see are used for
  3. The different Statuses possible within each CORC Stage
  4. When and Why your data can and cannot be updated

In Other Modules

Some of the topics that appear in other modules are:
  1. CORC basics such as logging on and general navigation [Module 2]
  2. Instructions for Hospital Users [Module 3]
  3. Importance of CORC Security [Module 5]
  4. Instructions for User Account Administrators [Module 6]
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