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Module 5: CORC Security

This module explains various aspects of CORC Security. This includes security features designed and built into the CORC Application as well as safeguards and firewalls in place to protect confidential hospital data once it has been submitted to CCORP. We will even cover security topics that rely on each of us!

This module contains three topics (listed to the left).

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you should understand:
  1. What security features have been designed into the CORC Application
  2. Why OSHPD has implemented various security features into the CORC System
  3. How each of us play a key role in protecting confidential hospital data

In Other Modules

Some of the topics that appear in other modules are:
  1. CORC basics such as logging on and general navigation [Module 2]
  2. Instructions for Hospital Users [Module 3]
  3. Description of CORC Stages [Module 4]
  4. Instructions for User Account Administrators [Module 6]
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