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Module 6: User Account Administrators

This Module is designed specifically for User Account Administrators (UAAs), that is, the hospital staff member(s) who maintain user accounts and contact assignments for the hospital.

This Module builds on the information in [Module 1: Getting Started] , [Module 2: User Basics], [Module 4: CORC Stages] and [Module 5: CORC Security]. Please complete those Modules before starting this one.

CCORP recommends that every hospital have at least TWO UAA's. In essence, a Primary and a Backup UAA. In this manner, it is more likely that a UAA will be available should a Hospital User need some assistance. If a UAA is unavailable, however, a hospital user can always call the CORC HOTLINE at (916) 326-3865 for assistance.

This Module contains the three (3) Lessons listed to the left. Each Lesson uses a simple, real-world scenario to guide you through various Topics. These Topics include sample screens from CORC to give you an idea of what it's like to use the actual CORC application.

For best results, please complete the Lessons in order, starting with "Hospital Users".

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Module, you should be able to:
  1. Manage CORC User accounts for your hospital
  2. Manage Contacts for your hospital
  3. Change a CORC User's account password

In Other Modules

Some of the Topics that appear in other Modules are:
  1. How to use this training [Module 1]
  2. CORC basics such as logging on and general navigation [Module 2]
  3. Instructions for Hospital Users [Module 3]
  4. Learning about the Stages in CORC [Module 4]
  5. Information about CORC Security [Module 5]
As a UAA, you will be contacted by Hospital Users if they have problems with their CORC User accounts, if they need to change their user information, if they forgot their password, or unlock their CORC User account.

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